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Box and enclosed rail cars

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Oborn Transfer has a nine car rail dock for loading and unloading box cars and gondola cars.  Our current crane capacity is 10,000 pounds.  We can unload steel coils from this dock.  

Flat and A-frame cars

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Oborn Transfer unload dimensional lumber and anything else that comes on flat cars or on centerbeam/ A-framecars

Trucks with flatbeds and vans

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Oborn Transfer has 7 dock high truck doors and a paved yard for handling anything that can come on trucks.  We can also load and unload intermodal containers through these doors.

Full warehouse services

Oborn Transfer offers full warehouse services

Warehouse Services

  • Our warehouse and transportation services can be customized to fit your specific needs.
  • Because of our location we can expand to fill any warehouse need
  • All inventory is kept on computer and reports are available upon request
  • Lumping services for intermodal containers
  • We regularly do cross docking and trans-loading

Area’s we serve for Local Routes In Utah

Logan, Ut, Brigham City, Ut, Ogden, Ut, Salt Lake City, Ut, Provo, Ut, Orem, Ut, Spanish Fork, Ut and Cities in between. Please call us if your need go beyond the cities mentioned here.

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